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Do More 24

by Madeline Josef, Catalogue Intern

Giving. We do it every day; some of us give our time, some of us give our money (and some do both!). Some pick larger multi-focused or international organizations, others pick smaller charities with a more local scope. At the Catalogue, we are especially supportive of these local giving efforts. “Give Where You Live,” our guiding mantra, kind of sums this idea up; we are proud to partner with local charities so that giving has a real and marked effect on different DC communities. Part of this partnership includes working with the United Way, and we are excited to be a community sponsor of their current campaign, Do More 24!

Do More 24 is an effort by the United Way of the National Capital Area to encourage giving to a huge array of local charities in one single day. The UWNCA has created a searchable platform to match up potential donors with charities that appeal to their interests and passions, organized into different areas of impact (education, health, arts and culture, etc.). Each registered charity can create their own page with descriptions, links, videos, and a wish list of what different amounts of monetary gifts could tangibly give to their organization. The donation portal is now open, and charities can update their pages with real-time donation counts.

While the focus on Do More 24 is on how much charities can give in one day, donors can give right now, continuing until 10 days after the actual event on June 6th. The idea of the “one day” concept is to illustrate the positive influence we have on others in our community and how together in one day we can create real, local change. Do More 24 will show the power of our collective giving, using philanthropy to bring people together and show even the minimum donation of $10 makes a difference.

At the Catalogue, we are proud to announce that many of our charities, current and alums, are participating in Do More 24, which is only a week away! Carpenter’s Shelter, a Catalogue nonprofit from 2009-2010 and recent runner-up, has a detailed and interactive page on the Do More 24 website explaining their goals and mission. The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project, another member of the Catalogue family, also has a fascinating page full of information about their organization- and they have already raised over $150 dollars! Joy of Motion Dance Center, another 2009-2010 charity, has a great page and unique mission: to use the joy of dance to appeal to the youngest and oldest members of our community (as well as everyone in between) with their specially-tailored programs. Again, these are just a few of our nonprofits who are participating- be sure to check out the pages of Five Talents, Rachael’s Women Center, Shelter House, and the pages of our NEW CLASS of amazing nonprofits 2013-2014, including Reach, Inc, and the DC Diaper Bank, among many others!

On the day of giving itself – June 6, one week from today – there will also be a multitude of fundraising events, many from Catalogue-vetted charities. Stop by the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts on U Street to complete work on their Healing Retreat Nook. Safe Shores will be hosting a happy hour with free refreshments and live jazz at 1776. Turning the Page will be throwing a wine and cheese-filled artwork exhibition at GWU, and Encore will have a free performance at froyo haven Tutti Frutti in Arlington. Hospice Caring will also be hosting a day-long “Coffee for a Cause” event, featuring free java and live music, at the Music Cafe in Damascus. Go to any of these events to support your local charities and to see in real time the power of group giving.

Together, we can make a difference, even in just one day; every dollar counts. Don’t forget, June 6th will be a great day to give where you live!

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