Why It Works

Visibility = Opportunity

Since 2003, the Catalogue for Philanthropy has connected thousands of donors and volunteers with hundreds of community-based charities, raising over $45 million to support their work.

With each new person who learns about the Catalogue for Philanthropy, our charities gain visibility, and an opportunity to fulfill their missions. Each charity in the Catalogue’s network receives a “stamp of approval.” This stamp is visible on charity websites, at events, in grant proposals, and in brochures. It sends the message that Catalogue charities can be trusted, and are making a positive difference in our community.

“The Catalogue effect”

Since our first year, we have seen 50+ charities increase their budgets to over $4 million, and countless others earn prestigious awards and receive notable news coverage. Every year our charities tell us about donors and volunteers who tell them, “I found you in the Catalogue!” And recognition has a ripple effect that goes well beyond the dollars raised: doors are opened, and new opportunities come about when a charity becomes a Catalogue honoree.

Solving “the Exposure problem”

Reading about people in need opens a doorway into the lives of others, an opening created by narratives and images that tell real and compelling stories – whether they are accounts of young people who get the education they so desperately seek and need, or homeless teens who look for shelter and find support and an alternative “family,” or men and women in low-wage jobs who need and find the accessible medical care they deserve. Many of us do not experience these stories in our daily lives. We have an “exposure problem.”

We hope that readers are coming to know their neighbors – in our print Catalogue, online, at the events we post daily on their behalf, through videos available at each charity’s page, and in the visits that some make to the charities that move them. “Give where you live” is a powerful rallying cry: it presumes that we are all connected, are all neighbors, even when we don’t live shoulder to shoulder. Here at the Catalogue we work every day to make that presumption a reality.

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