How We Support Nonprofits

The Catalogue is dedicated to strengthening our nonprofits by offering training and educational opportunities throughout the year. By helping them become more effective at connecting with donors, sharing stories, and communicating with the public at large, they can make the most of their Catalogue partnership, and increase their ability to make our communities stronger. In a typical year, we:

Provide trainings and workshops

It is not enough simply to connect charities with new supporters: we also help them to become stronger, better organizations.The Learning Commons is the Catalogue for Philanthropy’s organizational capacity-building program. Available free of charge to all Catalogue nonprofits, The Learning Commons features trainings in development & stewardship, marketing & communications, and volunteer trainings, along with Neighborhood Convenings, and other collaborative opportunities.

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Provide valuable marketing and communications tools

The Catalogue seal, press releases, announcement cards, and online fundraising templates are just a few of the tools we provide that help our nonprofits easily share news of their Catalogue affiliation with grantmakers, donors, volunteers, and media outlets in their communities. Each year nonprofits can participate in #Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving, via our customizable (and free) campaign platforms. In 2020, Catalogue nonprofits raised more than $1.6 million dollars in two 24-hours periods for their campaigns. We expect 2021 to be even stronger!

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