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Inspiration to Action

By Marie LeBlanc, Community Partnerships Coordinator

On Monday night, the Catalogue celebrated its 10th anniversary (or birthday, as many like to call it). Surrounded by a crowd of nearly 600 friends, family, nonprofits, supporters, and other advocates of the Catalogue initiative, we celebrated the work of the 325 nonprofits that are part of the Catalogue community.

Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, and participated. From the Catalogue Ambassadors, who mixed and mingled with the reception crowd, to the nonprofits who choreographed incredible performances for the stage, to the community supporters who offered their voices in testimonials throughout the performance, we appreciate your support of our work.

To the Catalogue guests and supporters who attended our benefit dinner following those performances, we thank you for your continued commitment to the Catalogue’s movement — and hope that you?ll continue making our dreams a reality for many years to come. We are particularly grateful for the continued support of the Harman Family Foundation and Jane Harman for going above and beyond to inspire others to become a part of our cause.

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