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In The News … (cont)

Baker plan aims to “bring our neighborhoods back” (Gazette): “Six Prince George’s County communities will get some extra attention from the county government, as officials believe assisting the areas will help cut down on crime and improve economic development. Department leaders from the county executive’s administration will lead Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative in six areas: East Riverdale/Bladensburg, Glassmanor, Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights, Kentland/Palmer Park, Langley Park, and Suitland/Coral Hills. CE Rushern L. Baker said that the program “would provide a holistic approach utilizing county services [...] to aid some of the county’s most vulnerable communities.”

Should Nonprofits Issue Shares? (Nonprofit Quarterly): “Yale economist Robert Shiller is exceptionally well known for his housing analysis [..] but his new book addresses philanthropy and the nonprofit sector and proposes a concept of nonprofit stock.” In an interveiw with CNN Money, he explained, “So as an example of ways to humanize finance, I have a notion of a different form of philanthropy that would have shareholders. You’re still basically giving away the money, but the shares you bought through your donation would pay dividends.” To jump off the questions posed by the NPQ, what do you think of this idea and it it compatible, conceptually, with the mission of most nonprofits?

And just a reminder, you can find recent news from and features on Catalogue’s nonprofits … right here.

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