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What Inspires You?

From yesterday’s “Inspiration to Action 2011” at the Harman Center for the Arts:

Here we are. YEAR NINE. To the 2011-12 charities featured in our new Catalogue and to those of you being re-featured on our website this year, it is truly an honor, and a pleasure, to see you here today. I hope you are already feeling inspired by what we are doing together. [...] Here at the Catalogue we believe in the power of telling stories — and in the hard work that makes it possible for donors and volunteers to tap into the in-depth information and guidance that is the foundation of our work. We want people who read the Catalogue and visit us on the web, to explore their own philanthropic interests and find what matters to them — knowing that we have already done the hard work that makes meaningful personal choice possible.

– Barbara Harman, President, Catalogue for Philanthropy

We also celebrate previous Catalogue non-profits, donors, reviewers and friends old and new. Isn’t that the true meaning of community? Isn’t it amazing that we can come together to celebrate our area’s non-profits? In music and testimonials, in stories and pictures, in the words and dances and deeds of the people who are part of this powerful network — tonight we will experience first hand what happens every day at some of the best community-based nonprofits in this region, and to understand how, by bringing together citizens of goodwill and worthy nonprofits, we can — and will — transform our community for the better.

– Michael Bobbitt, Artistic Director, Adventure Theatre (and “Inspiration to Action” emcee)

I love the fact that Catalogue nonprofits are so thoroughly vetted, and from the very beginning I found the Catalogue inspiring — both in its imagery and its writing — and so EASY to use. We have used the Catalogue to identify particular issues we really care about, and we have used it to establish close relationships with a number of charities. Each year, my wife and I pass the new Catalogue back and forth at least three times, coming up with ideas, and our kids pick at least two new groups each year that matter to them.

– Michael Lainoff, Board Member, Catalogue for Philanthropy

And is just one of the 500 students who are achieving success today. Her story illustrates what FLOC is doing for every child we serve. At FLOC, our motto is that we bring together our students, with volunteers, families with community partners in programs that teach, empower and transform. Erica inspired me to Act — I believe, FLOC helped Erica inspire herself to succeed. I encourage you to use the Catalogue for Philanthropy as a tool to ignite your own inspiration, get involved, get your hands dirty, and help amazing work in our community. Tere are 50,000 students like Erica in DC alone whose lives you can help fundamentally change.

– Tim Payne, Executive Director, For Love of Children (and “Inspiration to Action” Guest Speaker)

Let’s buckle up and not settle for less
And work together to be the nation’s best
In years to come you will hear and speak my name
In our nation’s capital or on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame!

– Dallas Otigba, Poet, DC SCORES! (and “Inspiration to Action” performer)

So chime in! What and who inspires you?

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