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DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (WUSA9: Brightwood): “Councilmember Mary M. Cheh and colleagues the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy on the steps of the John A. Wilson Building for a press conference to highlight the continuing challenges the District of Columbia faces with teen pregnancy and its effect on the economic well being of our residents and the city at large. [...] Due to the work of groups like the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the District of Columbia has recently seen a reduction in the rates of pregnancies for teenage women aged 15-19 years old; however, rates in the District far exceed the national average.” In DC, the rate is 67 out of every 1,000.

Michael on Being Down for Da Struggle (People’s District): Michael, a poet, vividly desribes how Catalogue non-profit Free Minds Book Club & Writing workshop made a critical difference in his life. He recounts, “I eventually started getting into trouble with the law. Which also lead to me going to prison more times than anyone would ever want to. really helped me become more diverse and more open minded. I started to do a lot of reading; also, I became very intrigued by poetry [...] Every Friday, I would get up early to prepare to go to the book club because it was a way to free my mind. Free Minds Book Club gave me a positive outlet to express myself and has opened several doors for opportunity and success.”

UPDATE: US Religious, Nonprofit Leaders Criticize Charity Tax-Break Change (Wall Street Journal): “Church and nonprofit leaders pushed back vehemently at a Congressional hearing Tuesday against any proposals to change the structure of tax breaks for charitable donations. [...] Establishing a “floor,” or a minimum level for charitable donations before taxpayers get credit for them, and extending the breaks to more people could both boost giving to charities and help the government’s bottom line, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said in a May report.” Do you agree? Or would a floor simply limit the smaller gifts that tend to make up large, particularly year-end, campaigns?

Met Opera Donations Rose, Gifts to Goldman Charity Fell in 2010 (Bloomberg): “New York’s Metropolitan Opera saw private donations recover in the recession’s wake last year, rising 21.7 percent to about $127 million, according to a survey released today [...] Yet the US economy still struggled long after the recession’s official end in mid-2009, and compared to the Met, many of the 400 largest US-based nonprofits surveyed by the Chronicle felt the squeeze. “Nonprofits are going to have to try different fundraising techniques and not rely on one,” [ Chronicle editor Stacy] Palmer said.” For an interesting question, have smaller non-profits experienced that same (new) need to diversify? Or were most operating that way prior to 2009?

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