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A bundle of non-profit and local news coming your way …

Capital Area Food Bank to begin charging members for produce (Washington Post): “For the first time in its history, the Capital Area Food Bank will begin charging its members for fruits and vegetables July 1, adding thousands in unexpected costs for some of the 700 agencies that rely on the organization to feed the region’s hungry.” The new initiative is a result of ever-increasing demands for the services of local food organizations, despite the improving economy. The trend is alarming, and indicates that local non-profits working to combat hunger will certainly require additional support in the coming year.

Gentrification a matter of economics, not ethnicity (Greater Greater Washington): At the NPR Building last week, a panel of young black professionals debated the question of DC’s gentrification … and “although the assembled group, almost entirely African-American with a majority female, acknowledged it is ‘dangerous to say that gentrification is not a race issue,’ the consensus held strongly that gentrification more closely correlates with economics.” Do you agree?

How to Start a Non-Profit (Huffington Post): “If the key conception is to address a need that cannot be met by a for-profit model, then the non-profit is the way to go … The problem you choose to deal with must be real to you, and, if practicable, you should try to experience it firsthand.” If starting a non-profit is the way that you are looking to go, do check out this four-part special series.

More Than 90% of Foundations in New Survey Use Social Media (Chronicle of Philanthropy): “Foundations may sometimes be viewed as out of touch with new technology, but 93 percent of foundations use social networks.” And, close to half of the communication staff members surveyed reported that they spent from 11 to 50% of their time on social media alone — what invites the question, what is the depth of Twitter and Facebook communication between foundations and the non-profits?

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