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In The News …

Good morning, folks! Just a small bundle of non-profits news and notes this week …

How You Can Change The World in 40 Hours a Week — As James McBryan aptly points out on the Taproot Foundation blog, “Changing the world is hard. Changing the world while balancing social, professional, family, and financial needs is even harder.” But contributing to your community (or a community thousands of miles away) can be part of the job that you already have. He tells a great story about creating a volunteer-tracking system for a local rose garden pro-bono — which not only benefited the gardeners, but led his company to realize that “this idea was something many organizations could use and create a platform from which hundreds of organizations could all benefit.”

Op-Ed: The Meaning of Wisconsin for Non-Profits – Thinking about how the (potential) elimination of collective bargaining for public employee in Wisconsin affects our sector? Do check out this op-ed in the Non-Profit Quarterly, which argues that “this is a battle between two very different views of public institutions:” that they are either necessary and beneficial or ultimately damaging. Do you agree? Is the divide that clear? The Wall Street Journal opened a discussion as well and have received over 800 online responses. Over at This Weekend in Education, Alexander Russo also asks how “a world without effective public sector unions” could breed different public schools.

From #gettngslizzerd to Getting Donations — For a bit of lighthearted news, do check out this story on a cringe-worthy Twitter gaffe from the Red Cross, and hilarious damage control. As the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported, an employee accidentally tweeted his discovery of two four-packs of beer … on the Red Cross Twitter account. But rather than enter panic mode, “what the Red Cross did next is an example to other nonprofit organizations … deleted the post, owned up to it on Twitter, followed it with an explanatory blog post, and treated the entire situation with a dash of humor.” Check out their witty follow-up tweet and said explanatory post for a good social media giggle — both of which led to a “spike in donations.”

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