In DC, nearly nine out of ten students in grades 8-12 write at a "basic" or "below basic" level, unable to put into words what they want or need to say. So at One World Education, writing is the first and primary focus. The One World Writing Program teaches students to craft exemplary original work about issues that matter to them, from cultural heritage to global conflict. Beginning in 2013, OWEd will implement the program in every 9th and 10th grade DC public school literacy class. For years, DCPS has held teachers accountable for meeting rigorous standards but not provided them with the resources they need to do so. Now, 140 teachers will have new tools, guides, and professional development opportunities to teach one of the most critical (and difficult) skills: self-expression. Students publish their final writing projects on the OWEd website and Student Ambassadors present their writing, and field questions, at local bookstores, allowing successful young writers to showcase what they have accomplished. What could be more essential than learning to write about your world?

Headquarters: DC-Ward 1

Where They Operate: DC-Citywide

Age Groups Served: Youth (5-11); Pre-teen/teen (12-17)

Ethnic Groups Served: African American; Caucasian; Latino/Hispanic; Other

Population(s) Served: Students

Schools They Work In: Anacostia HS (DCPS); Ballou HS (DCPS); Banneker HS (DCPS); Cardozo Education Campus (DCPS); CHEC: Bell HS (DCPS); Coolidge HS (DCPS); Duke Ellington (DCPS); Dunbar HS (DCPS); Eastern HS (DCPS); HD Woodson HS (DCPS); Luke C. Moore (DCPS); McKinley Tech HS (DCPS); Phelps HS (DCPS); Roosevelt HS (DCPS); School Without Walls HS (DCPS); Washington Metropolitan HS (DCPS); Wilson HS (DCPS); EL Haynes (Public Charter); Capital City (Public Charter); Center City (Public Charter); Potomac Prep (Public Charter); William E. Doar Jr. (Public Charter)

  • Number of students participating in the One World Program:   25,000
  • Percentage of participating schools in 2015-16 that saw statistically significant gains in students' research, writing, and presentation skills:   93%
  • Percentage of students in 2015-16 that improved their average score between the pre- and post-writing tests:  
    70%, with students who started with the lowest scores showing the greatest gains
  • Percentage of teachers surveyed in 2015-16 that reported that their students were engaged in the learning process:   100%

Awards & Recognition

Fair Chance Graduate, 2011
Lehrman Impact Award Finalist, 2012
DC Public Schools Curriculum Provider, 2012-14
DCPS Cornerstone Project 2015-16


Budget (FY2012)

  • $3 million or higher
  • $1 million to $3 million
  • $500k to $1 million
  • The current budget for One World Education is: Less than $500k

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