Stone Soup Films combines collaboration, mentorship, education, and community service to tell the real-life stories behind local nonprofits that are transforming the lives of individuals in need. And why does this matter? Because crafting more meaningful messages, and telling more compelling stories, empowers both leaders and the organizations they head making them better champions of their cause. Stone Soup addresses the need by building the storytelling capacity of area nonprofits and magnifying their capacity to effect change. Four times a year, it selects new partners with limited communications budgets; then staff and volunteers work with each to develop a clear communications strategy. This culminates in a short (five to seven minute) film that showcases the stories of transformation that are at the heart of each nonprofit's work effectively and powerfully communicating the extraordinary work they do. The market value of these films? Up to $40,000. The financial cost to the nonprofit? Free of charge. A gift to Stone Soup is truly a contribution to DCs nonprofits and, most importantly, the people they serve.

Headquarters: DC-Ward 2

Where They Operate: DC-Citywide

Population(s) Served: All

  • Total in-kind value contributed last fiscal year:   $602,522
  • Total active volunteers last fiscal year:   131
  • Total films produced last fiscal year:   24
  • Total nonprofits served to date:   100

Awards & Recognition


2016 31st Annual Mayor's Arts Award
Excellence in the Creative Industries
September 2016

2014 Best Over All
TechSoup 2014 Storymakers Contest
October 22, 2014

Hope House Kids Award
Founder and Executive Director, Liz Norton
November 20, 2013

Filmmaker of the Month, Founder and Executive Director, Liz Norton
D.C. Office of Motion Picture & TV Development
February 2013


"TechSoup Names Winners of Its Annual Storymakers Contest"
Chronicle For Philanthropy
October 22, 2014

"Q&A: Liz Norton, Stone Soup Films"
Elevation DC
June 11, 2013

"Stone Soup stirs film talent with nonprofits in need"
Capital Business: Washington Post Article
January 20, 2013

"Making Soup with Stones: Filmmaking for a Cause"
November 16, 2011

"Good Hope Awards Great Unveiling- Part II"
Beyond Bread - Bread for the City Blog
September 17, 2008


Budget (FY2012)

  • $3 million or higher
  • $1 million to $3 million
  • $500k to $1 million
  • The current budget for Stone Soup Films is: Less than $500k

Catalogue charities range in size from $100,000 to $3 million. This graphic indicates the budget range of the organization featured here. If you see an organizational budget above the $3 million mark, that is because the featured charity has grown in size since it first appeared in the Catalogue. We proudly present on our website the work of these "growth" charities.

About the Catalogue for Philanthropy

Each year 120 expert reviewers evaluate applicants for distinction, merit, and impact. Each featured charity has been successfully site visited and its financials given the thumbs up. The Catalogue for Philanthropy charges no fees and raises funds separately to support its work. Since 2003, it has raised over $34 million for charities across the Greater Washington region.

The Catalogue for Philanthropy looks to friends like you to keep our services independent and entirely free of charge. Consider a small contribution to the Catalogue to cap off your gift and help the causes you care about get the full support they deserve!

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