Volunteer Opportunities

Brain Injury Services

Events seeking volunteers

Brain Injury Services does not currently have any upcoming events in need of volunteers. To be notified of future events, please contact Brain Injury Services via the information below.


General Information

Volunteer Coordinator: Michelle Thyen, mthyen@braininjurysvcs.org, 703-451-8881 ext 232

Send a notification email to the volunteer coordinator via this website

Description of Volunteer Opportunities/Responsibilities:
Volunteers at Brain Injury Services are utilized in a myriad of ways. They are available to provide services for our organization by supporting our clients as well as assisting with the growth of our programs through event support, advocacy, and outreach. Volunteers are respected at Brain Injury Services and their gifts of time and service are valued and recognized.

Types of Volunteers Needed: Adults; Groups of more than 25 volunteers; Corporate volunteer groups

Hours Needed: Weekday Day